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Blue Jay Roofing is a family owned & operated business located in the Okanagan area focused on tearing off and installing asphalt shingles on sloped roofs.

We specialize in residential roofing solutions. Our goal is to meet the expectations of our customers by completing their project with quality, dedication and integrity


We offer our roofing services in all of the Okanagan area.

Our services include, Tearing off old roofing materials an installing new roofing materials.

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Tear off and install sloped asphalt roofs


During all the years that we’ve been installing new roofs we have seen people’s joyful faces when they see their new roof and knowing that their biggest investment is now secured and that also brings happiness to everyone working for Blue Jay roofing.

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Can humidity damage my roof?

During winter, the threat of indoor humidity can put your roof and your attic at serious risk of water damage. As soon as humid indoor air rises, condensation occurs. If not addressed…

09. Jun 2022
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